Author name: Clyde Aurilen

You'll find me playing spreadsheets in space on Eve Online. My role is an industrial specialist and hauler. While I try my hand in combat, I lose more ships than I can build. Now mostly focusing on the economics side of corporate management. Use my referral link to get 1,000,000 free skill points!

Feature images shows Eve Online Ferox in the background under green lettering stating The Ferox's Triumph

Warp-Scrambled Dreams: A Naga’s Lament, Ferox’s Triumph

In the cosmos vast, where dreams take flight,A Naga soared with purpose bright.Its engines hummed, a rhythmic song,In Maurasi’s embrace, it belonged. Warp drive engaged, to destiny unknown,A dance of stars, a cosmic zone.But fate, the cunning, had plans unseen,A warp-scrambled twist, a turbulent scene. The ship, once sovereign, in control’s firm grasp,Now entangled, ensnared […]

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