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The Maurasi Level II Routine Mission Naga Incident

(Stardate 2023-11-28 03:50) After our recent Level II mission in the Maurasi system, I am immersed in contemplation. What was intended as a routine mission to trial a Naga fit turned into a nightmare.

From Control to Cosmic Chaos

The encounter with the Republic Otur, a formidable adversary from the Minmatar Republic, has left an indelible mark on my strategic consciousness.

As the CEO of the Golden Monkey Triad, the loss of this Naga was costly. It was a vessel worth more than 100 million ISK with a runtime of 28 hours.

This was not merely a setback but a profound lesson in the dynamics of interstellar combat. Hindsight, they say, is a lens that reveals the intricacies of our choices.

In this instance, the strategic flaw lies in the design of weaponry.

It's an impressive fit. A Naga equipped with Dual 250mm Railgun IIs can hit targets at a staggering distance of 97 km.

Great for plinking enemy will outside their range. Yet woefully inadequate at close quarters. As somewhat of an Industrialist, I didn't understand the nuance.

The Republic Otur exploited this vulnerability with a warp scramble. It was then positioning itself within 5,000 meters where our railguns faltered.

Their approach rendered us impotent against the nimble adversary. With careful navigation, we aligned to safe, then afterburned back to the trap.

Those bastards webified the mighty Naga.

Reflecting on the wisdom of ancient industrialists such as Rockefeller and Ford, their counsel echoes through the corridors of my contemplation.

Rockefeller, the master planner, would scrutinize the loadout and emphasize the necessity of diversified capabilities. This isn't the railroad.

A prudent mix of long-range and close-quarters armaments could have thwarted the Otur's cunning strategy. In the forty minutes the Naga was locked, I thought deeply.

Ford, the innovator, would advocate for adaptability in ship design. A vessel engineered for strategic versatility, capable of responding to diverse threats, is a hallmark of industrial prowess.

A more versatile loadout, combining long-range precision with mid-range potency, could have tipped the scales in our favor. Browsing EVE Workbench, I had a few ideas.

The loss of the Naga is not solely a financial setback but an invaluable lesson in the unforgiving calculus of interstellar warfare. Also, it was downright embarrassing.

I have since fired the Assistant Fittings Manager responsible for this catastrophe. The Golden Monkey Triad shall integrate these lessons learned into our ship designs.

Updates to our strategic doctrines are in order. Special attention will be given to the optimal range of weapons, as this was an important lesson.

We will emerge from this trial not as victims of circumstance but as architects of our destiny. Fittings Managers will now report to Executive Carr Uisen going forward.

Strategic Lessons in Starlight

Further fortified by the wisdom of industrial giants and driven by an unyielding commitment to excellence. As John D. Rockefeller once said, “The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets.

With an 87 million ISK loss fresh in mind, an executive order brought an 89 million ISK Ferox for our revenge. That's nearly 180 million ISK lost in two hours.

Reflecting on Rockefeller's quote, it turned my stomach to think it would be our blood.

Returning to the battlefield with newfound determination, the Ferox became an instrument of retribution. The enemies that once swarmed me now faced the wrath of calculated fury.

Drones buzzed like avenging angels as my railguns bellowed their lethal song. The Maurasi system witnessed this resurgence, a force to be reckoned with.

Mission accomplished, my salvaged ship recovered, and justice served; I reflected on the ordeal. The loss of the Naga stung, but the triumphant return in the Ferox reaffirmed my resilience.

A Naga's Lament, Ferox's Triumph

In the crucible of Maurasi, I emerged not as a victim of circumstance but as a testament to the unwavering spirit of a master of focused aggression. Our legacy, though momentarily tarnished, would rise again!

Of course, my crew oversaw the salvage of every wreck fueled by the fire of indomitable will and strategic brilliance. Nothing will go to waste in recovering these losses.

Onward, we sail into the cosmic tapestry. Armed not just with railguns and drones but with the strategic acumen to navigate the turbulent currents of New Eden.

The stars await our resurgence. The Golden Monkey Triad shall rise again, wiser and more formidable than ever.

Damage Report From Accounting

Reconciliation of the events of 2018-11-28, as recorded by zKillboard Naga Maurasi loss report:

Zkillboard coverage of Clyde Aurilen's Naga Destroyed by Republic Otur. Ship fitting to the left, location and damage details to the right.
Naga destroyed by Republic Otur in Maurasi (0.9) Source: zKillboard

Republic Otur destroyed Naga in Maurasi (0.9), dropped 12,544,600 ISK, and destroyed 87,641,958 ISK. The replacement CB-1235 Ferox PvE with a price of 85,240,879 ISK. A total loss of 172,882,837 ISK. Completes retribution, priceless.

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