Feature images shows Eve Online Ferox in the background under green lettering stating The Ferox's Triumph

Warp-Scrambled Dreams: A Naga’s Lament, Ferox’s Triumph

In the cosmos vast, where dreams take flight,
A Naga soared with purpose bright.
Its engines hummed, a rhythmic song,
In Maurasi's embrace, it belonged.

Warp drive engaged, to destiny unknown,
A dance of stars, a cosmic zone.
But fate, the cunning, had plans unseen,
A warp-scrambled twist, a turbulent scene.

The ship, once sovereign, in control's firm grasp,
Now entangled, ensnared in a warp-scrambled clasp.
From 97 clicks to chaos so near,
The Otur's cunning, the Naga‘s bane, crystal clear.

Railguns, mighty roars, echoed in vain,
Against the Otur, a futile refrain.
Antimatter charges, a celestial dance,
But within 5,000 meters, no chance.

In warp-scrambled dreams, control slips away,
Like stardust in the cosmic ballet.
The Naga, a puppet in the Otur's play,
A captive in the warp-scrambled fray.

For 40 minutes, a struggle untold,
Small ships swarming, a tale of old.
In the clutches of chaos, the Naga succumbed,
But from the abyss, a lesson was plumbed.

Warping out, leaving wreckage behind,
A vow sworn, a strategic mind.
In the Ferox‘s embrace, redemption's call,
Drones buzzing, railguns in a triumphant sprawl.

The echoes of defeat in warp-scrambled dreams,
Fade away like distant stellar beams.
Lessons learned in the cosmic ballet,
Clyde Aurilen, undeterred, charts a new way.

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